Our Lindsay Lou has gone from a sweet little chubby cheeked baby to a beautiful big hearted girl. She’s been through a lot the last year and has grown so much because of it. I still get giddy when I see her running around and playing because for awhile there it seemed like she never would do that again. The saying is true, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Or in this case, almost gone. I’m so grateful she’s doing so much better.

In 4 days our little girl will be 8. This is when the kids in our church make the decision to be baptized and Lindsay has made that decision. I remember when she turned 6 and thinking, “Wow! In two years she will be getting baptized!” Well, here we are. I can’t believe it!

Lindsay has always had such a strong testimony of the gospel. She’s been bearing her testimony almost every month since she was 5. She’s such a great example to Logan and for me. I have a fear of bearing my testimony and because of it I haven’t done so in many, many years. Lindsay always asks me if I want to go with her and I always decline, but maybe someday she’ll get me up there with her. I have no doubt that she loves Jesus Christ and her Heavenly Father. She understands the repentance process and understands the covenants that she will be making with her Heavenly Father and basically cannot wait to be baptized!

Her BFF, Katie, got baptized a couple of weeks ago and her older brother gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. In his talk he told us that we can feel the spirit of the Holy Ghost better if we keep good things around us. Good books, good music and good friends. He said that if something makes us feel uncomfortable because of the way it looks or the things it says, we should avoid it. One of Lindsay’s favorite songs is Drive By, by Train. We blast it on the radio and have a dance party every time it comes on. As we were driving home from the baptism, Drive By came on and Lindsay said she didn’t want to listen to it. WHAT??? She said it was because it says a bad word and she didn’t want to hear that word. At first, Jeff and I tried to explain it away, like it was no big deal, but then we realized it wasn’t our decision. It was Lindsay’s and we needed to respect that. So, now whenever that song comes on, we either change the station or we just mute it during that word. Jeff and I were so proud of her for making that decision.

Lindsay is also inviting her friend, Dylan, to her baptism. He is a non-member and she did that all on her own, without any coaxing from Jeff and I. She’s so sweet and wants him to know the things that she does. We weren’t sure if his dad would let him come, but he was more than okay with him coming and we’re so proud of her for making that choice.

So far, the week leading up to her baptism has not been easy for her. She was sick all weekend, missed the Primary Program and now she has pink eye. Satan is working really hard to keep her from this important day, but she is strong and is kicking him down.

Lindsay is amazing. I feel so blessed to be her mommy and to get to watch her make these kinds of decisions. I know it won’t be this easy all of the time and that the older she gets the harder things will become for her. But I’m not worried about her. She’s strong and she’s going to be strong for people when they have become weak. I love her so much!