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For FHE the week of Thanksgiving, I made a Thankful Tree on our wall. We talked about blessings and how we need to always remember those blessings in our lives and to always show gratitude to our Heavenly Father for giving us those blessings. These are the blessings we thought of.

The day has come and gone, but I still remember the Spirit that filled our home that day. I am still in awe that my sweet little baby is already 8 years old. She is a beautiful, tender-hearted girl who loves the gospel and Jesus Christ and her Heavenly Father. She was super excited to get baptized! We were lucky enough to have so many family members here to celebrate this special day with her. Grandma and Grandpa Madsen, Spencer and Leanne and even Elaine and baby Kat got so come! That was super special because Lindsay, Logan, Jeff and Ryan had never met her before. She’s such a little cutie and Lindsay enjoyed holding her and having her around. Grandma and Grandpa Snider, Laura, Eric, Joy, Lane, Kelly, and Mack were there, too. The most special people that came were Grandma and Grandpa Bocker! When we told Lindsay that they were going to come she almost started to cry and I’m not joking. She has a sweet relationship with her great grandparents and it makes me so happy to see her and Logan and Ryan get to know them. They genuinely love them and I love it. We also had lots of friends there. Lindsay invited her friend Dylan, who is not a member, and he came with his dad. They were so happy to share that moment with her. Her friends Katie and Whitney were there, Spencer, Mimi and Ashlee, and of course, Nikio and Hannah, Lia and Eva. It was a day filled with love! Thank you to Niki for taking the pictures at the baptism!

I kept asking her how she was feeling throughout the day and she just kept saying happy. The program started a little late because we were waiting for family of the boy that was also getting baptized, but no one was in a hurry so it was fine. Lots of family members helped in the program and it was all very beautiful. Ryan was a handful during the whole thing, and almost caused me to miss the baptism itself, but luckily I got in the room just in time. It brought tears to my eyes to see my faithful husband, who holds the priesthood, baptizing our beautiful little girl.

Afterwards, we went back to our house for a luncheon for everyone, which lasted a couple of hours. It was fun just being able to be together, to talk and catch up and let things just be.

A CTR ring!

After that, I took her, Emmy and Logan to the mall to get Lindsay’s ears pierced! She was incredibly excited and nervous, but it really helped having Emmy and Logan there to hold her hands. She picked out pink flowers, they did them both at the same time and she was done. She didn’t cry, but did say a big OW! right afterwards. She did have to get one ear re-pierced the next week because it was just so crooked. Now, she has beautiful earrings!

Logan didn’t want to watch.

Lindsay decided on a fun movie night for her birthday party. We looked and saw that the movie Wreck-It Ralph was coming out the day before her birthday and decided on that one. She invited lots of friends: Logan, Hannah, Lia, Whitney, Katie, Dylan, Jerrett, and Owen. It was a super easy birthday for me to plan, which I enjoyed the break, and the kids had a lot of fun. I bought some little individual popcorn boxes, and we bought two big popcorns and poured some into each of them, which turned out to be even more convenient then I had thought and the kids loved having their own popcorn. Then I gave them each a little baggie with a few pieces of candy (leftover from Halloween…ssshhh) and a bottled water and we were all set! It was so fun to look down the row and see all the kids smiling and loving the movie. Afterwards we came home for some pizza, presents, cake and ice cream. Lindsay loved it and had a great time!

This year we had a pink power ranger, a red power ranger and an adorable lion. I love that all three kids have been able to be the lion at least once. I’m still so proud of myself for making it and for the fact that it’s held up for this long.

Of course we had our annual pumpkin carving FHE and we each got our own pumpkin, which was quite the task for Jeffy and I. The kids did help, but it’s still a little hard for them. We let the kids draw their own faces this year and I think they drew some pretty awesome ones!

Jeffy and I take turns every year with who hands out candy and who takes the kids around. It was my turn to take them around. Ryan went with us for about 6 houses and then he was done. In his defense, it was a long ways! Our houses aren’t close together at all so 6 houses was a hefty little walk for a 16 month old. He really enjoyed following LiLo to each house and loved running down the street. It was especially nice to have Laura home so that she could watch him inside while Jeffy handed out candy outside. The kids were troopers and did the entire ward. We were done by 8 and then the candy swapping began. The candy lasted until the weekend before Christmas and I decided it was time to throw it away.

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