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The rule at our house is that the kids aren’t allowed to wake us up until 6 o’clock. LiLo were prompt and we were up at 6! Ryan slept until about 6:30, so we let them open their stockings and then waited for him to open the rest of the presents. It was a morning full of surprises. Santa outdid himself this year and brought the kids some great gifts. Lindsay got a basketball hoop, Logan a bike ramp and Ryan a Cozy Coupe. They each loved their gift! I love watching my kids open their gifts. Christmas morning is so magical and it shows in their eyes. Even little Ryan knew something was special about that morning. Even though it took him a couple of hours to open all of his, he enjoyed playing with all of his new toys. We loved having Laura here with us, and we were glad we could be together.

Waiting patiently…

Lindsay was SO happy. She had asked Santa for the Brave movie, but then changed her mind and asked him for the Secret of the Wings movie and he brought her BOTH of them!

Jeffy opening his gift from me, an autographed picture of Cal Ripken, Jr.

Ryan’s little t-ball set.

Logan got a 3DS!

Lane and Kelly got Ryan a stuffed Shawn the Sheep and he LOVES him!

Loves for Shawn.

So true.

Ryan saying thank you to Wa-Wa for the Aqua Doodle. So cute!

Logan putting his Samurai Gigazord together from Ryan.

After the presents were opened, we had a yummy breakfast, which was cooked on Jeffy’s new George grill. Yummy eggs, bacon and hash browns. And of course Sunny D. We spent the day putting things together (the kids got lots of Legos) and sleeping. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Madsen’s house in the evening and had another yummy ham dinner and enjoyed time with them and Spencer and Leanne. The kids played and put some more Legos together, and the grownups played Wackee Six, a super fun game.

It was a wonderful day spent with family. I’m so grateful for my savior, Jesus Christ, who loves me.

We woke up Christmas Eve to a winter wonderland and spent the morning enjoying it together as a family. We shoveled the driveway, buried Lindsay in the snow, built a snowman, had a snowball fight, and pulled the kids behind the car on their sleds. Such a fun way to start Christmas Eve and we enjoyed the time together.

Lindsay ready to be buried.

Our big snowman. He only last a couple of hours. Later that afternoon, a blizzard rolled through and the wind knocked him over. 🙁

Ready to be pulled!

We spent the rest of the day together, hanging out and playing games. We had a delicious ham dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans. Yummy delicious! After dinner, we sat down and watched A Christmas Story, always a favorite, and then the kids got to open their jammie presents. We bought them while we were at Disneyland and they were excited to see Mickey on them. It was nearly impossible to get a picture of the boys with their matching jammies, or of just Lindsay, or of the three of them together. They sure were cute!

We didn’t forget to leave Santa a note and some goodies.

After Ryan was settled in bed we turned all the lights off, except for the tree and garland, and take turns singing each others favorite Christmas songs. It brings such a nice spirit into our home when we sing together, I love it. Then it was off to bed! After they went to bed, Jeff and I and Laura started getting things out for stockings and there was a huge BANG! outside. The kids came out asking what it was and we assumed it was a firecracker. Then they were out.

Logan and Ryan are the cutest brothers and they have lots of fun together. The older Ryan gets the more struggles there are with toys, but Logan has really stepped up and loves to let Ryan play with his things. It doesn’t always go so smoothly, but most of the time they are best buds.

The last 6 months or so I’ve been struggling. I realized that when Logan plays with a friend it’s always because he calls them. No one ever calls him to play. I know it shouldn’t matter who calls who, but it makes me feel like no one ever thinks of him. I’ve cried several times because it and just want to yell at all of these other moms because Logan is a great kid! They always have fun together and I enjoy having these boys over and for him to have opportunities to do what he loves: to play.

I hate how busy people are. I wish things could be simpler.

After much anger and sadness over it, and after a lot of praying, I realized that this is why we had Ryan. So that Logan would always have a buddy. When the world shuts you out, family is always there. These two will always have each other, and for that I’m truly grateful.

I had the privilege of teaching Logan’s Primary class for 6 months this last year. It was so fun! It was fun to be in there with Logan each Sunday and to see him with his friends. We took this picture the Sunday before Christmas and made a little picture frame for their parents. It turned out really cute and I’ll always remember this Fabulous Five!

This kid just gets cuter and cuter as the days go by. I’m so glad he’s a part of our family! At 18 months, Ryan weighs 26.5 lbs and is 35.5 inches tall. He is an absolute joy to be around.

He has many favorites right now: blankie (mimi), Mickey (mimi), Shawn the Sheep TV show (Bee), grapes, chicken nuggets, choo choo’s, trucks, Logan (Da-doh and Doh-gy) and of course, me. He loves his cousin, Mack, and loves to watch any videos of him or of the both of them together. He signs milk when he says Mack’s name. He’s so sociable it’s adorable. He’ll give just about anybody a hug if we ask him to. He can say “I love you” (I ya you!) and usually does it while yelling.

He still loves to go to the basement with Laura (Wa-wa) but now Doh-gy has to go too and if Doh-gy isn’t around to go then it’s a no go. He’s had to go to time out a few times for not sharing, but always come out ready to gives loves and say I’m sorry.

He loves his milk in the morning and before bed, and is loving books more and more. His favorite books are Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, and the Belly Button Book.

He is saying lots and lots of words, and is saying new ones each day. This is one of my favorite ages because everyday is something new.

We love this little dude so much!!

We met with an orthodontist the day after we got back from Disneyland to get an idea of what to expect in the next little while in regards to Lindsay’s teeth. A couple weeks before she had told me that when she bites down, her bottom teeth touch the roof of her mouth. Not good. So, after a good look from the orthodontist he said that braces on the top would be a good start for now. It would help with the overbite and help bring her two front teeth in. Then in a few years she would get braces on top and bottom to bring the teeth together.

She wasn’t excited about it at all, but I tried to get her to look forward to the colored rubberbands. It was a hard adjustment and still is, considering she’s lost 3 lbs since she got them on. We’re still working with her to chew her food faster so that she can eat more. It’s all in her head. The orthodontist gave us a list of foods she shouldn’t eat, and, well, there’s a lot on that list. I told her not to worry about it too much. There’s obvious things to avoid: popcorn, Now and Laters (I pulled my back bracket off with one of those one time) and anything super sticky. Everything else you can give it a try and see how it goes. Hopefully, it’ll get better.

The braces have worked really fast! After only 10 days, we noticed a huge improvement of the placing of her two front teeth. They are in more and closer together. It’s incredible what they can do. We’re excited for her to experience this painful, yet right of passage, experience. 🙂

Getting the brackets put on. Do you see the uncertainty on her face??

We had a fantastic time at Disneyland! We were there for 6 days and it was a blast. What made it even better was that we had no broken arms, no lost phones, and no lost boys! It was perfect! Cars Land is so fun and we spent some time there everyday. Ryan really enjoyed all the rides and did great in the lines and he really, really liked the parade. He would point and yell all the characters he knew and was so excited to see Mickey!! Thank you Digicert for another wonderful year!

The swinging gondolas on the ferris wheel are the most fun!

Maters Tractor Pull ride. So fun!

Tower of Terror!

California Screamin’! This was Logan’s first year going on it and he LOVED it and rode it about 8 times.

YAY for the parade!

Sometimes the smallest person in the family needs the big bed.


Can’t wait to go back!

Ryan was so helpful this year with the tree. He didn’t take them off as much as I thought he might, but he still did his fair share. LiLo weren’t as into decorating the tree this year, which was weird because they usually love it. It still turned out though.

We took the kids to see Santa at the mall and they enjoyed it so much! Even little Ryan didn’t scream or anything. He wasn’t too sure about it, but because LiLo were there with him he was okay. Logan asked for a 4 wheeler and Lindsay asked for the DVD Brave.

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