Logan and Ryan are the cutest brothers and they have lots of fun together. The older Ryan gets the more struggles there are with toys, but Logan has really stepped up and loves to let Ryan play with his things. It doesn’t always go so smoothly, but most of the time they are best buds.

The last 6 months or so I’ve been struggling. I realized that when Logan plays with a friend it’s always because he calls them. No one ever calls him to play. I know it shouldn’t matter who calls who, but it makes me feel like no one ever thinks of him. I’ve cried several times because it and just want to yell at all of these other moms because Logan is a great kid! They always have fun together and I enjoy having these boys over and for him to have opportunities to do what he loves: to play.

I hate how busy people are. I wish things could be simpler.

After much anger and sadness over it, and after a lot of praying, I realized that this is why we had Ryan. So that Logan would always have a buddy. When the world shuts you out, family is always there. These two will always have each other, and for that I’m truly grateful.