This kid just gets cuter and cuter as the days go by. I’m so glad he’s a part of our family! At 18 months, Ryan weighs 26.5 lbs and is 35.5 inches tall. He is an absolute joy to be around.

He has many favorites right now: blankie (mimi), Mickey (mimi), Shawn the Sheep TV show (Bee), grapes, chicken nuggets, choo choo’s, trucks, Logan (Da-doh and Doh-gy) and of course, me. He loves his cousin, Mack, and loves to watch any videos of him or of the both of them together. He signs milk when he says Mack’s name. He’s so sociable it’s adorable. He’ll give just about anybody a hug if we ask him to. He can say “I love you” (I ya you!) and usually does it while yelling.

He still loves to go to the basement with Laura (Wa-wa) but now Doh-gy has to go too and if Doh-gy isn’t around to go then it’s a no go. He’s had to go to time out a few times for not sharing, but always come out ready to gives loves and say I’m sorry.

He loves his milk in the morning and before bed, and is loving books more and more. His favorite books are Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, and the Belly Button Book.

He is saying lots and lots of words, and is saying new ones each day. This is one of my favorite ages because everyday is something new.

We love this little dude so much!!