At the Elementary School the kids go to, they give out awards to one kid in each class every month who they think represent the theme for that month. The theme for March was “Confidence to Take Action” and Mrs. Milner immediately thought of Logan. She called me the Friday before the assembly and told me that Logan is so good at being nice to others, even if they aren’t being nice to him or being mean to others. He isn’t afraid to do what he is supposed to be doing and is a good example to his classmates. I found out that there is an autistic little boy in his class who I know Logan struggles with, but Mrs. Milner specially told me that Logan has been helping this little boy more and more. I am so incredibly proud of Logan! He strives to do what is right and wants others to be happy and I am so proud of him for having the courage to do things that may not be easy sometimes. I feel blessed that our kids get to go to this amazing school. I have had nothing but great experiences with every teacher they have had so far and hope the rest of our time there will be just as amazing.

Ryan HAD to go see Logan before we could sit down. That little boy thinks his big brother is pretty cool!

There are over 800 kids in this school. Do you see Logan amidst all the Kindergartners?

Walking up after getting his name called. He was pretty excited about the whole thing!

I love that smile. That’s how I smiled as a kid.

Way to go Logan!!!