As I was laying in bed last night, unable to sleep, I was thinking about all the things I wanted to remember about Ryan. He turned 22 months old last week. Wow. He’ll be 2 in no time at all. Where did it all go??? Logan and I watched our home videos for about an hour this afternoon, including many of Ryan when he was teeny tiny. Oh man, that baby was cute!!! Because of the experiences that I’ve had, I’m pretty sure Ryan is my last baby and I have thoroughly enjoyed him. I enjoyed Lindsay and Logan, but life was more stressful when they were babies. Lindsay was my first and when Logan was a baby, Lindsay was still so little that I was busy, busy, busy all day doing things for both of them. I’ve been able to sit back and watch more with Ryan and I have loved it!

Ryan must have his presence known to everyone in the room when he enters. He says a big “Hi” when he comes into a room, or if you come back from the other room. It’s a very low, husky HI and I love it.

He knows his schedule pretty well these days. He knows that when he wakes up it’s time for milk and as soon as you sit him on the couch he asks for his milk. He has been drinking whole milk, but just this week I switched him to 2% milk. I still microwave it, we’re down to 20 seconds now, just to take the chill off of it. Since Jeff and I have been doing Insanity in the mornings, Ryan will come down after he drinks his milk and hang out with us. Sometimes he’ll even try to do it with us. It’s super cute watching an almost two year old do a power jack!

Ryan has never been much of a breakfast eater, which is different for me since both Lindsay and Logan LOVE breakfast food. He’ll usually eat a little yogurt and MAYBE some banana slices. Sometimes he’ll have a snack before lunch, but a lot of days he’s fine until lunch. The kid lasts longer than me. 🙂

Ryan is such a good listener…when he wants to be. I can ask him to get me a diaper and lay down and most of the time he’ll do just that. Other times he makes a game of it and I have to pretend to be lost and he comes and finds me. It’s been this way for 6 months and it still hasn’t gotten old. He LOVES wipes. He loves to wipe his face and only his face. Not sure why.

He can climb up into his booster seat at the table and buckle himself in. He can eat with a fork and a spoon, but when he doesn’t want to anymore he hands me the fork and says, “Here doh.”

He rarely signs anymore except for when he’s all done eating. When he’s done, he’ll sit there waving his arms and saying, “DONE! DONE! DONE!” over and over and over again until you begin to unbuckle him.

He is talking so much and everyday it’s something new. My new favorite phrase is, “Ooh hel me?” (you help me?) It’s so adorable! He also yells STOP! at the top of his lungs if he wants Lindsay or Logan to quit what they’re doing. They aren’t always quick to listen. :/

When he wants to play with my phone he picks it up, looks at me and says, “Tank you.” It’s hard to say no to that.

When it’s around lunch time and I walk over to unlock the front door he says, “Logy??” because he knows it’s time for Logan to come home. He loves having chicken nuggets for lunch. He insists on having ketchup on his plate, but he NEVER dips his nuggets in it.

When you ask him if he wants to watch Mickey or Thomas, he’ll nod his head up and down while he answers you.

He says “bankie” instead of ‘mimi’ now and he loves to wrap it around his neck. It looks so comfy.

He knows what the ‘funny show’ is (AFV) and will sit and watch it for almost the whole time. His favorite videos are the ones with animals in them.

He can climb up almost anything now. He can climb up the ladder to the swing set, to the little slide and to the trampoline. He can come down the ladder to the trampoline and the other day he walked down the stairs on his feet, very slowly and very carefully, like a great big boy. I was so surprised and so proud of him!

He knows almost all of his letters (mostly due to Starfall on my phone), and we’re working on teaching him how to spell his name. To the tune of YMCA.

He goes to a little music class on Thursday mornings and he LOVES it. He gets so excited in the morning when I tell him we’re going and he yells, “Cass! Cass!” He still loves to dance, especially when we all dance to ‘Thriftshop’.

He is getting so good at sharing and taking turns, or at least understanding that that’s what we do. Last Sunday me, Ryan, Lindsay and Logan were playing with three footballs and every time he handed one to one of us he would say, “sharing”. He’s so smart. And when Lindsay and Logan are practicing their piano he asks me constantly, “MY turn?” That one he does still sign, too.

He loves candy more than cake and ice cream. M&M’s are still his favorite and he calls them M’s.

He says some of the sweetest prayers. His favorite book to read right now is ‘Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site”. He loves trains, but he is showing more and more interest in trucks and tractors. Thank goodness!!! Whenever we see one while we’re driving he points it out and gets super excited. Not as excited as he does if he sees a bus. He knows where all the buses are on our way to and from school and gets excited when he sees them.

He says “teef” when he wants to brush his teeth and usually does a good job while getting them brushed.

He knows the difference between shoes and boots. He loves wearing his angry birds beanie.

He’ll do just about everything Lindsay and Logan do, which sometimes gets him hurt, like when he jumps on our bed and falls off onto his back. Oops. Thank goodness God made little kids tough.

He says “mon” for “come on” and it’s the cutest thing when he says it when he’s concerned, like when we weren’t getting on the airplane to AZ and he knew we were supposed to. “Mon! Pane! Mon!” SO CUTE!

He gets incredibly excited when Jeff comes home from work, yelling “DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!” and gives him a big hug.

If I say I’m going to go take a shower or go potty, his response is, “I tum.” (I come.)

If he asks us for something and we say no, he says, “Pease?” And if we say no again he says, “PEASE?”

He says “I you” for I love you. When you ask him how he is or if he slept good he says “dood”.

If Ryan is in a situation he isn’t quite sure about, he’ll come over and sit by me and put his hand on my leg. It’s one of my favorite things.

He says “oopie” for “oopsie”.

Needless to say, we think this little dude is pretty cute and we’re all so happy he’s in our family. We love you, Ryan!