We went to California again this year for Spring Break and had a lovely time!

We drove this time. ALL of us. Ryan and I haven’t done the drive since he was 2 months old, and even though he likes the car a whole lot more than he used to, I was still nervous. We were going to drive all day Saturday, but when we found out it was an Emmy weekend, we drove to state line on Friday and finished the rest of Saturday. Ryan really did do great, but it was a constant thing to keep him occupied. We bought some headphones for him, thinking he would keep them on to watch Mickey and Baby Einstein, but he kept taking them off. Oh well. He did super well on the drive home and we actually made it home in 8 1/2 hours! Wow!

While we were in CA we had a lot to do. Jeff went to two Dodgers games, one with his brother, Chris, his Uncle Jimmy, and some friends. The second one he went with Lindsay and Logan. Ryan and I skipped out on the games this time. It’s probably for the best since we’re going to 4 games this June. We can only expect so much out of the little guy. The first game was the season opener for the Dodgers and they had a surprise guest come out to throw the first pitch…Sandy Koufax!!! Jeff said he teared up a little seeing him out there. I can only imagine! When he told me that I wished that Ryan and I had gone since Ryan is named after him. Kershaw pitched an amazing game and even had a homerun. It was a great game! Once they got home then they watched it again on TV. These boys make me smile.

The first few days we were there I had a head cold, so Monday was rough while Jeff was at the game. I had done Insanity with Jeff that morning and it took me until about 3 in the afternoon to feel slightly normal and not like my head was going to explode. My head did NOT like Shaun T. that day. After that I decided to take Tuesday off from Shaun and it was a good rest because by Wednesday I felt much better. But despite the head cold, I still walked the kids down to the park to play and along the way we saw lots of rolly pollies and snails. It was so cute to watch Ryan discover all these new things.

The kids spent a lot of time making tunnels and dirt pies in the dirt. They also discovered the hose was faster than filling up cups in the house. They got soaking wet!

Gotta love those Robin Eggs you get for Easter. They make beautiful lipstick!

On Wednesday we drove up to see Grandma and Grandpa Bocker. I can’t even bring myself to call them ‘my grandparents’ anymore because Jeff has known them almost as long as he knew his Grandma Snider, and he has such an amazing relationship with them. They aren’t just mine anymore. It’s always so fun visiting with them. Lindsay and Logan, and even Ryan, know who they are and we all look forward to our visits. Before they open the door we remind the kids to give them big, but gentle, loves. Grandma and Grandpa love our kids and I’m so grateful that they get to have a real relationship with them. This visit was different than the others because Jeff brought a new computer for them. Their old computer was from the 90’s and super slow. With the help of my parents we got them an iMac. MUCH better. It didn’t take Grandma very long to get the hang of it and now she’s a pro. While Jeff was explaining things to her, the kids and I were in the other room watching Tom and Jerry with Grandpa. Ryan fell asleep in the chair. It’ll happen when you wake up at 5:30 in the morning. 🙂

My Grandpa loves Tom and Jerry and has for as long as I can remember. I love that he laughs at all the same things the kids do. After we got the computer hooked up we went to lunch at IHOP, one of our favorite places to go with them. We had given them a gift card to there for Christmas and Grandma wrote back and told me she’d save it for when we came to visit. After that we went back to their house for just a few minutes, then gave loves and headed off to Disneyland. As we were driving away Jeff and I were telling each other things that Grandma had told us. My Grandma isn’t very open about her future after Grandpa, but this trip she actually told Jeff quite a few things about her plans. She also told me that her goal is to make it to either Lindsay’s mission farewell or her wedding. If Lindsay goes on a mission that will make her 94 years old. She can totally do it! We’ve got longevity in our genes! I sure love those two!

We spent Wednesday afternoon and Thursday at Disneyland. We had booked a room at the Paradise Pier Hotel, but on Wednesday morning they called and asked us if we’d like to upgrade to the Grand Californian for the same price. Uh, yeah! So, that was a really nice surprise because we love it there. It’s our home away from home! Disneyland in April was CRAZY. We usually go the first week in December and the difference was amazing. We still had an amazing time though. We didn’t even attempt Cars Land and decided to save that again for December. Ryan did great in the lines and loved all the rides. Lindsay was feeling adventurous and went on California Screamin’…twice! The second time she went with me and by half way through the ride she was giggling. She LOVED it even though she says she wasn’t sure about it. Silly girl. Logan could live on that ride and never get tired of it. Joy spent Wednesday with us and that was really fun to have her there with us. Thursday morning we got in an hour early for Magic Morning and got most everything done by 10 o’clock. We stayed until 4:30 after the parade and then we went home. Ryan surprised us all and took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the stroller, a first for him. Not nearly as long as Logan’s 4 hour nap that one year, but it was much needed and he was happy the whole time.

Lindsay and Logan after playing for an hour on Tom’s Island. Logan is sweaty enough to spike his hair up and Lindsay looks exhausted. Love it!

On Wednesday when we first got there, Lindsay and I rode the carousel with him and when we got off, Buzz was right there! Ryan’s face was so cute when he saw him and he was so patient waiting in line. I love the picture I got of him with Buzz.

He might like Buzz more than Mickey. We did discover that the regular parade stinks compared to the Christmas one. I was bummed that we had waited for it. The kids enjoyed it so it was all worth it. We love Disneyland and we can’t wait to go again!

The rest of the week we just hung out and enjoyed time with family. We always enjoy our trips to CA!