May is always a crazy month. The weather is finally beautiful, school is ending and everyone is excited to just play! Here’s what the kids did.

Lindsay participated in a track meet with all of the second graders. She ran in the 50m and the 100m and she won 3rd place in the 100m. She was so super excited! She didn’t think she was going to do well because her foot was really bothering her, but she powered through and did great!


Logan decided one day that his tractor needed to be washed. He was just going to use the hose so when I told him I could get the real car wash soap out he was stoked! He was so cute out there washing his tractor. He really is too big for it now but he refuses to accept that and still loves to ride it.

We had s’mores one night for FHE. It’s always a good night for s’mores. It about gave me a heart attack having Ryan that close to fire, but we all came out with no burns. He was actually very careful, I was proud of him.

Logan can blow fire.

Made faces in the car

And just plain being cute

The Dance Festival at school. Lindsay danced to Lolipop and Logan danced to Rockin’ Robin.
Lindsay with her friends Sabrina and Macie.

Logan and his friend Kason.

Lindsay was in the 2nd grade talent show and did great and made it into the entire school talent show. She was nervous but did great! She took 3 hula hoops with her and just did whatever came to mind. She did a great job!