Grandma and Grandpa Madsen have lived in Utah for over a year now, but every time they just pop on over it still throws me for a loop that they live close enough to do that. They came over last month to give Lindsay a very special present. Lindsay is super interested in family history and loves to hear stories about her ancestors. My dad decided to make her a fan chart of her genealogy. It goes back 9 generations and it’s amazing! She has loved it and sat with my dad for a half an hour just looking at the names and the dates and finding similarities between my side and Jeff’s side. Jeff and I may or may not be cousins. Aren’t we all though? While they looked at the chart my mom had brought the comics from the Sunday paper with her to read with Logan. This was totally new to Logan because we don’t get the paper and he loved it! He kept the comics and the whole paper for about two weeks. Now when we go over to their house they both look for the paper hoping to find some more comics. We love having them close!